ECHO NOUVEAU - ISBN: 978-0-615-45951-6


Echo Nouveau participated in's project funding program. Echo only requested donations to cover half of the original printing cost - but the program exceeded that dramatically. Since fans and philanthropists contributed nearly 125% of the original printing cost, Echo changed the books specifications to include 100 pages, hard-covers, spot-gloss varnish, and limited edition faux-leather book sleaves for collectors.

Echo wishes to express a very special thank you to those who dotated to make this book possible.

Robert & Holly McKinney
Glenn Chernik
Elena Artimovich
Megan Speicher
Jim Kitchen
Heath White
Jonathan Owens
Yawhann Chong
Phil Fung
Patrick Spencley
Xander Bauermann
Darren Hennessey
Michael Scott Kirby
Daniel Cloud
Kent Mason
Tara Cadmus
Jathan R. Elliott
Stephen Hunter Roberts
Chris Sandford
Lesley Horwarth
Evonne Tsang
Anthony Chang
John Velonis
Stephen Dodds
Brittany Covell
Chris Nordby
Sean Dickerson
Nicole Riddell
Francis Hogan
Noah Ban
George Vasilakos
Carol Schomburg
Denise Burton
Matt Elmore
Brian McMurrer
Karl & Jen Seelaus
David Sherman
Tim Gagne
Joe Ewbank
Beverly Flores
Christopher Paluch
Stephanie Schaffler
Peter Lange
Jacob Sarb
Aleasha Ford
Jess Nash
Eric Robbins
Robert Stenberg
Maria Dousselin
Claire Houck
Tina Law-Walls
Felix Thompson
Jeff Williams
Dayna Clarke
Erika Willig
Heather Dunbar
George Gorski
Doctor Q