echo chernik's biography

25 years as an award winning advertising illustrator.


Echo has over twenty five years of experience as a commercial artist and educator in the advertising field. She specializes in advertisements, packaging, posters, and bookcovers, for the most discerning clients.


Echo is the professional you need. Illustration is her foremost love, and she prides herself on her passion for detail. Her reputation as an intelligent and considerate contributor to the creative process has earned her countless honors and accolades.

Styles & Media

Echo works in both raster and vector formats - beginning with a scanned drawing and manipulating it in photoshop, illustrator or painter programs as well as the occasional 3d program. She is also fluent in traditional media, and has been working on a series of figurative neoclassical oil paintings.


Echo has worked with many prestigious clients over the years. She had the privelege of completing a mural for the Shiekh of Dubai's grand celebration at Godolphin racecourse, of working with folk singer Arlo Guthrie on several posters, and completing a large project for Patrick Rothfuss' Name of the Wind, among many others.


She is a traditionally trained artist - graduate of pratt institute, summa cum laude and the president's award for academic excellence. A traditional background in art focuses on skills such as drawing and painting as well as perspective and color theory. This allows the artist to translate their concept into whatever media best suits the job - resulting in a very versatile artist, who is not limited by any one medium.

Giving Back

Echo is the coordinating judge for Illustrators of the Future, a prestigious competition for illustrators early in their career. The contest is a platform for established artists to work with and support new professionals in an effort to pay it forward to the next generation. Echo also was awarded a Sammi award for community service in her local community.

Illustrators of the Future Contest Judge